What is Boudoir Photography?

About Boudoir

Boudoir portrait of a curvy blonde woman with thigh tattoo wearing a dark sweater and panties while laying on a white bed surrounded by plants

My Boudoir Sessions are fully customized portrait experiences held in my private studio, designed to help you celebrate who you are, exactly as you are, without having to change a thing. Even if you walk in feeling nervous (which is totally normal), you can expect to leave feeling like a confident goddess!

Dramatic Boudoir portrait of a black woman with short bleached hair wearing yellow lace lingerie, laying on a hardwood floor with her eyes closed running her hands down her neck

Boudoir Sessions are so much more than getting a makeover and lounging in lingerie (though it can totally include those things if you so choose)! One of my favorite things about these Sessions is that they’re the ultimate celebration of you & your body, and its journey through your life so far. Your Boudoir Session is your chance to give back, and say thank you to the one and only beautiful body you live in. It can be a very uplifting, empowering, and also ridiculously fun experience!

Black and white boudoir photo of a brunette woman wearing a white sweater and black lingerie, laying on her side on a white bed and smiling

I notice that each of my clients’ Boudoir experiences ultimately ends up unleashing their potential when they face their fears of being deeply seen and fully expressed. By taking this bold step of taking up space and claiming your worthiness, you allow yourself to be open to so many more possibilities and opportunities in life. Things that previously, you might have felt like you couldn’t have or didn’t deserve. Baby, you deserve to have it ALL! Your Boudoir Session will start to give you evidence of that in a very affirming and freeing way.

Boudoir portrait of a brunette woman wearing a tshirt and retro thigh high socks, leaning against a white brick wall and pulling down her red thong

Don’t just take it from me, see what my clients have had to say in their testimonials on the Client Lovin’ page!


So many women have been told they’re not enough. These Sessions are my way of helping you rewire this old paradigm. I’ve been in your shoes as a Boudoir client myself! Learn more about my self-love journey here.


what you need to know:

It’s completely normal to feel nervous before your Session, and/or before you see your photos for the first time. You’ve probably never done anything quite like this before! Everything you feel is completely valid, and I’ll be there for you every step of the way.


Your Boudoir Session is the ultimate experience of self-celebration. The best part is that the photos you leave with will help you to remember your worthiness, even in the most challenging times.


Boudoir photo of a mature blonde woman wearing yellow lingerie and yellow lace robe while looking in a vintage gold framed mirror and smiling

It is absolutely NOT your job to show up and know how to “be sexy”. It's MY job to help you feel as comfortable as possible so you can have the best day ever! I’ll be guiding you the whole time so you know exactly what to expect. Boudoir Sessions with me are designed for all people—those who have rarely, if ever, been in front of the camera before, and those who are living their best selfie lives. I approach each client's Session with fun and approachable vibes, with inclusivity and accessibility in mind.

Dramatic black and white boudoir photo of a woman laying on a hardwood floor wearing a chain harness, heels, and nipple pasties

My Sessions are designed to fit your comfort level—This means your body can be covered as much or as little as you like, and you are in complete control of if your photos are ever shared or not. I’m all about consent every step of the way.


Diversity, accessibility & inclusivity are incredibly important to me. Check out My Values on the Home page.

Shirley, MA