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“Amazing studio; amazing person; amazing pictures. I feel like I’ve known Jessie forever! She made me feel amazing, empowered; comfortable and showed me my beauty in my pictures! So glad I found her!”



Boudoir photo of a blonde woman wearing blue lingerie smiling at the camera while sitting in a brown leather chair

“So people should definitely sign up for a mini session with Jess! She is amazing and makes you feel like the empowered boss bitch you’re meant to be and turns all your insecurities to nothing with her skills! I loved my session so much! Made for the perfect Christmas present for my boyfriend! I recommend everyone try it at least once in their life! And if you do try go to Jess J&S Photography LLC”


Moody boudoir photo of a brunette woman with pixie cut hair wearing vintage style lingerie and garter belt sitting on the edge of a tub in a vintage bedroom

“I had the most fantastic shoot with Jess. OMGGGGG. I was nervous at first but she made me feel so at ease and comfortable that I just went for it. We laughed like idiots for 3 hours while she took some of the most amazing pictures of me that I have ever seen. I can not wait to see the entire outcome and I honestly want to schedule another shoot already. Thank you Jess for being freaking AWESOME and bless Lexi for making my makeup look on point!! Love you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️”



Boudoir photo of a black woman wearing red lipstick and red satin robe while laying on a white bed

“Jessie is seriously the most amazing photographer that I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many throughout the past few years. I found J&S Photography through a simple google search when I first started looking into doing a boudoir shoot for myself. From my initial consultation, to designing my amazing products, Jessie has been such a pleasure to work with. I know that the majority of women do boudoir shoots as a gift for their significant other, but I personally feel that every woman out there should do it for themselves at least once, because it was honestly one of the most empowering and motivational experiences of my life. I can’t thank Jessie enough for all of her encouragement, support, and hard work! I highly recommend using J&S Photography... you won’t be disappointed!”


Black and white boudoir photo of a nude woman laying on a hardwood floor with her eyes closed wrapped in battle ropes

“I had been wanting to do a session with Jess for some time and finally got the courage and I’m SO happy I did! Jess is so welcoming and friendly and obviously a creative professional, and made me feel completely at ease from our online consult to the actual session. She has an amazing eye/vision through the camera lens and the few pictures I got a glimpse of were amazing! She has a magic camera because I couldn’t believe it was me! Lexi did a wonderful job with hair and makeup, and I felt the nervousness go away as we chatted and laughed - they make a great team. I’m so excited to see how all the pictures come out! If this is something you have been thinking about DON’T wait!”



Boudoir photo of a woman wearing a sweater and over the knee boots while sitting on a hardwood floor leaning back against a brick wall

“Ladies....this is a must! Jess is absolutely the best! I was extremely nervous and she made me feel so comfortable. It was so much fun and we had many laughs! My experience was extremely empowering. My pictures are beautiful and very tasteful done.My husband loved the photo book. I'm already looking forward to doing this in the future. I definitely recommend Jess for your next photo shoot! Thanks Jess!!!!”



Black and white boudoir photo of a blonde woman wearing black pajamas laying on a white bed

“Do not wait to book your consult, do it!! I first want to say that it took me over six months to physically book my appointment with Jess. I thought about it to a point where I was just talking myself out of it at every turn. I truly believe that if you’re scared to do something, it means that you need to do it to learn something important about yourself. That was this experience for me and I’m SO glad I took the plunge. Jess and I had an absolute blast! Krystal was so lovely to work with as well. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much during a photo session before. Jess put me completely at ease and it made me appreciate the process even more- it shows in the final product. This was the very first time that I have not cried while looking at pictures of myself that were professionally taken. In turn, I got some beautiful self portraits and made a new friend. Win/win for me!”


Boudoir photo of a brunette woman with pixie haircut wearing a black tshirt looking out a window during winter

“I was so nervous to take this step and let my wall of vulnerability down due to what my body has gone through during my life. But I did it- and it was the best thing I have done for myself. My scars, my battle wounds, stretch marks, my body dimples, cellulite- all tell my story of what I have been through, survived, accomplished and overcome- and Jess, the photographer, helped me accomplish this life changing perspective of myself. Her personality, her outlook on life, and her vision of how EVERY woman should embrace their story told by their bodies- regardless of size, shape, scars, or whatever your “hang up” of yourself may be.


When Jess shared my pictures with me- I cried. I was able to see the beauty she was encouraging me with during my session. My session was everything I wished it would be- funny, sexy, empowering, goofy, and ME. I thank you Jess for helping me find myself again. You have a talent I have never seen before, a huge heart for life and everyone you come in contact with, and a personality that makes this process so much fun and AMAZING!! ❤️”


Moody Boudoir photo of a brunette woman wearing pearls and lace lingerie while laying on a red vintage couch

“Oh my goodness. I cannot even put into words how truly amazing J&S Photography is! Wow. From the moment I met Jessie, I felt super comfortable with her. She is such a warm and pleasant woman to be around, I left there feeling like I’ve gained a new friend 😊I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot, and after doing a little bit of research on the fb ads that would pop up regularly, I just fell in love with J&S photography’s work. I mean, it can be a bit awkward being half naked in front of a camera, but Jessie simply made it fun and comfortable. And holy moly, the images are beyond AMAZING!!!! Worth every penny spent. No regrets. Forgot to mention that one of my orders came back from the lab wrong (not J&S’s fault whatsoever), Jessie rushed a new order and physically drove it to me so it wouldn’t go past the deadline I needed it for. Who wouldn’t want someone so unbelievably caring to handle their boudoir photoshoot, images and orders?! Highly recommend it!!! 🖤🖤🖤”


Boudoir photo of a reflection of a brunette woman in a gold rimmed mirror leaning against a teal wall wearing black lingerie

“This past weekend I had the IMMENSE pleasure of having my Boudoir shoot with Jessie! I had been on the fence for a long time about doing something like this, and finally decided to take the plunge and Oh my goodness I cannot say enough good things about the experience. From the moment I walked into the studio I felt welcome and comfortable! My hair and makeup came out AMAZING (as you can see)! When it came time for photos Jessie was incredibly prepared to get down and dirty by showing me the poses she had in mind before making me do them which was so helpful. The vibe the whole shoot was fun and empowering and most of the time I forgot that I was half naked in front of a camera! It felt more like I was hanging out with a friend, having fun, looking pretty! We laughed, joked and told stories back and forth through the whole shoot, everything just felt NORMAL!!! If you are nervous or have been on the fence about doing something like this, I am telling you DO IT!! Jessie truly made something that could have been this an awkward experience and turned it into an amazing one I will look back on with so many fond memories (and some bomb photos!!)


Can’t say it enough, thank you Jessie Clements and to everyone else out there on the fence I recommend this experience to every single one of you!”



Boudoir photo of a red haired woman wearing a green lace bodysuit standing with her eyes closed surrounded by plants

My Client K went on the podcast, WhoreOr Stories, to chat with
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Mini Session with me! Definitely worth a listen!

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