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I’ve never done this before, can anybody do it?

Yes! Any BODY can do it.

Do I need to prepare for a boudoir shoot?

Your skin will play a major role in the day, so you will want to make sure it’s properly cared for before the shoot. We recommend that you prep your skin 3-4 days in advance. That includes any waxing of the body or face, exfoliating, and moisturizing of the skin. This will ensure that any redness, bumps, or dry areas, especially in the winter, are ready to be photographed and that you are feeling your sexiest. A warm tan glow is fine, however beware of too much sun exposure during the summer months. Sun burns are hard to hide. Drinking plenty of water and moisturizing in the days leading up to the shoot will also help to keep your skin hydrated and looking at its best.

What about my hair and makeup?

We believe this to be one of the most important aspects to a boudoir session. Hair and makeup bring everything together so your end result is nothing but sexy and alluring. We offer hair and makeup for boudoir by partnering with one of the most talented makeup artists in the area, KrystalB. She is a master stylist specializing in bridal, celebrities, and fashion. Her website is www.krystalbmua.com and this is the link to her Wedding Wire page.


I’m not sure what to wear?

We recommend that you visualize the look and the feeling you want to embody on the day of the shoot. Is your style more sensual with stiletto heels, a bold red corset, and dramatic lighting? Or, is your style more playful in a lace teddy with softer window light? What you decided to wear is dependent on your personal style. Boudoir typically consists of lingerie, however the coverage, fashion choices, and overall look are up to you. You can visit our Pinterest boards to help you with inspiration on potential styling, here. During the consultation, we will go over every aspect of the shoot and co-create a session that is uniquely you. The most important element is that you feel empowered and sexy in what you choose to wear, or not to wear.

How long does a session take?

A typical boudoir session lasts 2-4 hours including hair, makeup, changing outfits, and your time in front of the camera.

A group boudoir session, which can include up to 3 additional friends, typically lasts 3-5 hours. The time includes hair, makeup, changing outfits, and every individuals time in front of the camera.

I have cellulite/stretch marks/acne. Can you retouch this?

Yes. We edit our images to remove any noticeable skin blemishes and will remove any requested skin marks that you may feel are unsightly. Retouching is done by hand and can be time consuming. We prefer a realistic approach to retouching and will not alter your body in any dramatic way, unless you specifically ask for these services. We do not like to mess with perfection, and you probably already are.

Who’s my photographer?

We are a team, but each have our own photography session schedules. If you would prefer to work directly with one of us specifically, please let us know and we will make every concession to accommodate you.


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