What Do You Need To Know Before A Boudoir Photography Session?


What is Boudoir?

Boudoir Sessions with Jessie at J&S Photography are personalized portrait Sessions, focused on creating a safe space where you can feel pampered, celebrated, and reconnect with your super power—what makes you uniquely you.


These Sessions are about SO much more than just creating beautiful images. By doing a Boudoir Session with Jessie, you are choosing to see yourself in a different light (literally)! You are choosing to do the scary, but bold act of expressing yourself fully and being truly affirmed for it. You are choosing to step out of the box of self-judgment and not-enoughness that society has told us we must stay inside.


Boudoir Sessions with Jessie are not only super fun and get you gorgeous images, but they are extremely empowering! My goal is to give you an amazing experience from beginning to end with a Session tailored to celebrating you, as you are right now.


Some of my clients have said "She made me feel amazing, empowered, comfortable and showed me MY beauty in my pictures." If you’re curious to learn more about how a Boudoir Session can change your life, take a look at the Client Lovin’ page!


Portrait of Jessie Clements, photographer at Boudoir by J&S Photography based in Shirley, Massachusetts, holding a digital camera with zoom lens in her photo studio


Who is my photographer?


Oh hey! I’m Jessie (she/her/hers) and I’m the owner & photographer at Boudoir by J&S Photography! You will be working with me throughout the entire process. You will have a complimentary consultation with me so we can get to know each other, make sure all your questions are answered, take a tour of our gorgeous 2,000 sq. ft. studio, brainstorm outfit ideas, and get super excited for your Session! I will also be the one behind the camera during your Session, and will walk you through choosing your favorite images at the Viewing Appointment after our Session.


My goal is to make sure you feel comfortable every step of the way! Many of my clients have said I make them feel like we’re old friends—You just happen to be chillin’ in your undies and I just happen to have a camera and take some epic images while we’re having the #BestDayEver. I’m your hype man, cheerleader, and biggest supporter. I am not here to change you, only to remind you how brave and beautiful you already are!


You can learn more about me and my story here.

Portrait of Jessie Clements, photographer at Boudoir by J&S Photography based in Shirley, Massachusetts, holding a digital camera with zoom lens in her photo studio
Screenshot of google maps showing the location of the Boudoir by J&S Photography studio, based in Shirley, Massachusetts


Where are you located?


My private Boudoir Photography studio is based in Shirley, MA, about a one hour drive from Boston, MA. The studio is in a handicap-accessible renovated mill building that gets abundant natural light! I am thrilled to have a space featuring original hardwood floors, a wall of 10 huge windows, and space for 7 (and counting) custom built studio sets.


See the Studio page for a virtual tour!


What Session types do you offer?

I offer both Full Boudoir Sessions, and Boudoir Mini Sessions throughout the year. Both Mini Sessions and Full Sessions will provide you with an uplifting, empowering experience and gorgeous images to choose from—It's just personal preference!


Check out our Experience for the details on each Session type to find the best fit for you!

Boudoir photo of a woman of color with long brown hair wearing a white button down shirt laying on a white bed and biting her finger


Are my images private?


YES! I understand that these Sessions are extremely personal and not everyone is interested in having them shared publicly. It is assumed that your images are not to be used until you see them at your Viewing Appointment. At this time, you’ll have the option to sign a Model Release customized to your comfort level. There is no requirement to sign a release—My top priority is that you are comfortable with however your images are shared (or not)!


The most important thing to me is that you get to have a powerfully affirming Boudoir experience, and if I get to share the images afterwards, that’s a bonus! We will talk about the Model Release options together when you view your images. All images used on the J&S Boudoir Social Media pages, website, sample products, and marketing materials are images that my clients have agreed may be used in this way.

Moody boudoir photo of a brunette woman with pixie cut hair wearing vintage style lingerie and garter belt sitting on the edge of a tub in a vintage bedroom


What’s the process?

  1. Reserve your Session date and time upon booking (Reach out to me on the Contact page to book or book online )
  2. Meet for your Complimentary Consultation in-person or via Zoom
  3. Enjoy getting pampered and having the #BestDayEver at your Photography Session!
  4. Viewing Appointment (Choose your favorite images and order stunning products)
  5. Go home feeling exhilarated and on top of the world!

Learn more about the Boudoir experience with J&S here!


Moody boudoir photo of a brunette woman with pixie cut hair wearing vintage style lingerie and garter belt sitting on the edge of a tub in a vintage bedroom


Do you edit the images?


I totally get that some days we feel less than thrilled about some parts of us. What I’ve found along my journey is that self-love is an inside job. Extensive Photoshop edits, while sometimes enticing, can actually make you feel worse about yourself in the long run, which I would never want for you!


For this reason, my job is to celebrate you as you are, because you are your own kind of beautiful. I’m a total posing master, and an important part of my job is to guide you in exactly what to do during your Session so you feel completely confident, without having to change a thing about yourself.


I’ve been in your shoes before as a Boudoir client, so I completely get how complicated body-image feelings can be. Read more about my story here.


In general, the only things I retouch are temporary parts of your appearance (like acne, bruises, etc) but I usually leave things that are a natural part of you and unlikely to change (like beauty marks or scars). I also understand each person is very unique and my top priority is that we discuss exactly what kind of edits you are looking for, if any.


If you still have specific concerns about edits on your images, it’s important to me that we communicate about that so you’re thrilled with your experience from start to finish. I encourage you to send your questions to info@jsboudoir.com or bring them up during your Pre-Session Consultation!


Do you offer hair and makeup services?

Yes! I collaborate with talented hair stylists & makeup artists that are here to pamper you before your Session and make sure you feel your best before getting in front of the camera. Seeing as I am NOT an expert at hair styling or makeup application, it is extremely important to me that I work with stylists who are skilled at their craft and are able to make every person that sits in their chair feel like the amazing human they are! Check out our stylist’s gorgeous work on our Portfolio page .


Hair styling and makeup application (including lashes) is included in the Mini Session Package. For Full Sessions, you will be paying the stylist directly on the day of your Session.

Boudoir photo of a woman of color wearing a blue dress in a Massachusetts photography studio
Boudoir photo of a woman of color wearing a blue dress in a Massachusetts photography studio

I’m a Black woman/woman of color. Can your stylist work with my textured hair and match my skin tone?

Yes! I understand that many people, especially Black women and women of color have had negative experiences with stylists not being able to style their textured hair or match their skin tone with makeup, so I understand how important this question is before booking a Boudoir Photography Session. It’s essential to me that each of my clients feel fully pampered and celebrated in their Session.


I only work with experienced stylists who use a wide range of foundations, custom mixing them to match your unique skin tone. I also ensure my stylists are able to work with all hair types and textures.


In the case of wanting to add extensions, locs, braids, or apply a wig, those are best done with your own stylist before your Session date as they are a longer process.


My goal for your Session is to celebrate your uniqueness and everything that makes you YOU, so it’s my top priority that you feel totally comfortable with your stylist’s work before we begin your Session. If you have further questions about this, I encourage you to share them with me during your complimentary Consultation. Contact me here to schedule !

Sexy boudoir portrait of a woman of color with long brown hair wearing a sheer black bodysuit surrounded by smoke

How do outfits work?

I know choosing outfits for such an exciting experience can feel overwhelming! We will talk in detail about outfits in your free pre-Session Consultation. (Book yours here!)


Typically, most clients bring their own outfits to ensure a perfect fit, but I also have a constantly-expanding Client Wardrobe you can choose from as well. Be sure to join the Facebook group so you can be the first to see new additions to the wardrobe!


Most importantly, I want to take away the pressure to “find the perfect outfit”—Your Session is about YOU, not your outfits, so whatever you bring is going to be amazing! Outfits just bring some pops of color, texture and variety to your Session.


I typically suggest bringing 3 outfits. This feels like the perfect amount for a variety of looks, but not so many that you feel rushed. Always take the time to try on your outfits before your Session. It is much more important to me that you feel good in your outfit than what it actually is!


Check out some outfit inspiration from some of my past client Sessions on the Portfolio page!


If you’re a fan of lingerie, here are some of my favorite retailers:


Sexy boudoir portrait of a woman of color with long brown hair wearing a sheer black bodysuit surrounded by smoke

What products do you offer?

After your Session, we’ll meet up again for a Viewing Appointment either in-person at the J&S studio in Shirley, MA or via Zoom. We’ll watch a slideshow of your final images, and I’ll walk you through choosing your favorites and deciding what products you’d like to order.


We’ll go over the ordering options in detail during your pre-Session Consultation to ensure you know exactly what your options are, so none of this information is a surprise. Transparency is very important to me throughout the entire process.


Take a look at the gorgeous custom-designed products available on the Products page!

This is way out of my comfort zone, can someone like me do this?

Real talk, you’re not alone—These are normal concerns. We all have complicated relationships with our bodies. Short answer, YES, someone like you absolutely can and, dare I say, DESERVES to have this empowering experience.


No one magically arrives at being confident and in love with their body—It’s not that quick or simple. When you choose to do a Boudoir Photography Session with J&S, you are CHOOSING to see yourself differently and take a step towards self-acceptance. The most important part of this process is that you choose to do this. And when you’re ready, I’ll be here!


Dark boudoir portrait of a blonde woman wearing a fishnet bodysuit kneeling in front of a vintage couch in the Boudoir J&S Photography studio

Can I bring my friend/partner to my Session?

It’s important to me that you have the most relaxed and comfortable experience possible, so I always suggest that it is just the two of us (even the makeup artist does not stay for your session) at your Boudoir Session. Since I do not offer Couples Sessions, I do not allow partners in the studio during your Session. If you want to bring a friend for support, let’s chat about that during your Consultation.


In the past, I’ve noticed that clients who brought friends with them to their Session ended up feeling nervous and self-conscious, which leads to a less enjoyable experience. Boudoir Sessions are all about celebrating you, and creating an uplifting atmosphere for you to feel free, beautiful, and empowered. I never want to risk an outside factor not giving you that ideal experience.


As always, our studio is an 18+ studio—No one under the age of 18 is allowed to be in/at Sessions, Consultations or Viewing Appointments.


Boudoir photo of a black woman with short curly hair wearing a red satin robe and red lipstick laying on a white bed in the Boudoir by J&S Photography studio

Can I bring my partner to the viewing appointment?

I understand and appreciate that you want to include your partner in this part of the process! That said, my top priority is that you have the best viewing experience possible when you see your images for the first time. Remember, your Viewing Appointment is your chance to bring your empowering Boudoir Photography Session to completion—You’ve just gone through an incredible personal journey and celebration! Your partner has not been through the whole process of the Consultation and Session with us, so to include them at this point can be a bit overwhelming or disorienting.


It’s also important to me that if you decide to share your images with your partner, that they also get to have the best experience possible. I’m sure they don’t want me there when they see these amazing images of you for the first time! All that said, I suggest doing the Viewing Appointment on your own, and then you are more than welcome to share your final images/products with your partner (if you choose to) once you two are together in a private setting.


Boudoir photo of a brunette woman wearing blue lingerie sitting on a hardwood floor, laying her head on a red vintage couch with her eyes closed
Boudoir portrait of a woman with long brown hair and arm tattoos wearing a black bodysuit surrounded by vertical LED lights and rainbow prism reflections in the Boudoir by J&S Photography studio

Can I bring alcohol to my Session?

No. Our studio is a safe space for all people, including those in recovery. For this reason, no alcohol is allowed in our studio.


What I’ve found is that alcohol can disconnect you from the true benefits of this experience, like fostering appreciation for your body, facing your fears to expand your potential, and boosting your confidence. Not only that, alcohol usage can also cause physical symptoms that detract from your Session experience and resulting images, like flushed skin, dehydration, and feeling fatigued before the Session is complete.


I want you to have the absolute best Session possible, and in my experience this means being fully mentally and physically present for our time together.


Boudoir portrait of a blonde woman with arm, leg, and chest tattoos laying on a red vintage couch and smiling

How do I prep for my Session?


Most importantly, I want you to know that you can show up for your Session exactly how you are right now, and it will be amazing! There’s no need to do anything to your body you wouldn’t normally do, and definitely no need to add any extra stress or pressure to look a certain way. You do not need to wax your entire body, pay for a mani/pedi, or do anything else you don’t want to do to prep for your Session.


Eating: Before your Session, please eat & hydrate as you would normally! Changing up any routines with your food can simply leave you feeling like not your usual self, which can make it difficult to be present for the Session experience. We are here to celebrate your beautiful body as it is, especially when it’s well-nourished!


Bodycare & Skincare: Stick to your normal routine. This is not the time to try a skincare service you’ve never done before, like waxing, or trying a chemical peel, etc. before your Session. If you do not know how your skin will react, it’s not worth trying it before a photoshoot on the chance that you have a negative reaction to the treatment. Heads up for those who book summer sessions: Sunscreen is your friend the couple weeks before your session.


Hair removal: If you choose to remove hair before your Session, that’s completely up to you! Your body is beautiful with and without hair. I suggest doing your normal hair removal routine (if you have one) before your Boudoir Photography Session—No need to stress about it. In most cases, the camera isn’t going to notice small details like hair on your legs.


Spray Tanning: I know spray tanning seems like a great idea if you want a summer glow in the winter, but fight the urge! Do not use self tanner or get spray tanned before your Session. I would rather celebrate your natural skin tone than photograph you with orange skin that doesn’t look like you, and editing a spray tan will require additional fees.


Nails: Natural nails photograph just fine! If you want to paint your fingers/toes, that’s a personal decision that is up to you! There is no wrong choice here. If you want to splurge and pamper yourself to a mani/pedi before your Session, I love that, but it’s not required!


Boudoir portrait of a blonde woman with arm, leg, and chest tattoos laying on a red vintage couch and smiling
Boudoir portrait of a red haired woman wearing a green lace bodysuit laying on a hardwood floor with her feet in the air in the Boudoir by J&S Photography studio

Are you still booking Sessions during COVID-19?

Yes! All of our staff are fully vaccinated and are closely following CDC and local guidelines as we navigate this pandemic together. Bedding is washed & sanitized and the studio furniture is disinfected between every Session. COVID-certified filters are installed in our Heat/AC unit as well as a portable COVID certified filter that stays in the shooting area.

Boudoir photo of a black woman wearing pink and black lingerie and red lipstick while laying on a gold bed with her eyes closed

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes! Boudoir Photography Gift Certificates are available and come in custom amounts. Many of my clients like to give these to their friends so they can experience the magic and empowerment of Boudoir Photography for themselves!


To purchase a Gift Certificate, contact me here and let me know your requested dollar amount.


Boudoir photo of a black woman wearing pink and black lingerie and red lipstick while laying on a gold bed with her eyes closed
Boudoir photo of a black woman wearing pink and black lingerie and red lipstick while laying on a gold bed with her eyes closed

I have more questions. How can I get in touch with you?

I can't wait to hear from you! I know Boudoir Sessions are a completely new experience for so many! Please reach out to me at info@jsboudoir.com to send any other questions or concerns you have, and we’ll schedule a time to chat.


Shirley, MA