Celebrating your postpartum body: “My session was priceless”

My client D had an immensely transformational experience in her Mini Boudoir Session with me at my studio in Shirley, Massachusetts! Read on to learn what it was like from her perspective from start to finish, and how it changed her relationship with her body image:

CW: familial abuse / fatphobia

The Consultation

“Jessie has a consultation before every boudoir shoot. I came into it excited to talk to her and here about the experience. I felt heard and seen by Jessie. I was expecting to sort of get a one size fits all, and that was so far from what actually happened.”

“Jessie asked me some truly tailored questions and we talked about what I wanted from the session. I felt like my body was being celebrated, and I hadn’t even stepped into the studio yet. I could not wait for our photo shoot.”

“I’ve been following Jessie’s boudoir for years. I always told myself I had to be a certain weight to get them done because I wanted to look like the models we see everywhere.”

“Then I got pregnant and had our beautiful baby. My body had gone through a war and I was a completely different person. I had stretch marks for my battle scars, my hips had moved over by what felt like miles, and my breast had gone from my comfortable size to monsters that were constantly spraying milk in all directions.”

“I didn’t know who I was when I looked at myself. I knew Jessie celebrated all body types and thought I need a makeover. Not a physical one, but a mental makeover of how I view myself. All I could see was ugly. I desperately needed help loving the new me.”

The Session

“My session was priceless. Women in this world are constantly bombarded with impossible beauty standards. My session somehow changed all that brainwashing.

I walked in and the makeup artist made me feel so beautiful. That’s already a rare thing for me.”

“Jessie has boundless energy and makes you feel at home right away. After giving birth I had already given up on caring about being semi nude around people, but she made sure I felt comfortable every step of the way.”

“She eases you into the process and makes you feel like a queen. I’ve never been so pampered emotionally and verbally in my life. She took the time to capture above and beyond what I wanted.”

“I thought maybe I’d like one photo after lots of editing. She kept showing me snippets on her camera and I could not believe that the raw images were me. Jessie is truly an artist who can find beauty in anything

Leaving I felt exhausted, it’s a lot of work, but it was such a priceless experience.

The Viewing Appointment

I was counting down the minutes till our viewing appointment was. I could not wait. When I met with Jessie and she showed me what she had captured I couldn’t believe it.”

“The woman she was showing me was beautiful and sexy and feminine, this couldn’t be me. The amazing thing is it was me. Jessie has such a fantastic eye for beauty that she captured me with my past pardum apron belly, my stretch marks, my fat, and I, the biggest critic, was wowed.”

Transforming Body Image

“Jessie gave me a gift, which was finally seeing myself without the sinister view the world put on me. I’ve struggled with my body image ever since I was 12 and my sick mother started forcing me on a scale every morning so I would be motivated not to get ‘fat’. I’ve had lots of therapy to work through trauma like that.”

“Jessie somehow undid all the body image dilemmas in one session. I’m writing this two months after the fact and it’s still true.”

“Everyone has to do this once in their lifetime. It truly is transformative. Jessie was so generous every step too. She loves her clients and it shows in everything she does.”

Huge thank you for the kind words, D!! If you’re reading this and are thinking, “This is exactly what I need right now,” then I invite you to contact me below to schedule your complimentary Consultation!

Shirley, MA