Everything You Need To Know About Doing A Maternity Boudoir Session in Boston, Massachusetts

Trying out a Boudoir Session for the first time can make anyone a little nervous! Throw pregnancy into the mix, and it can be easy to feel like, “Can I really do this??” I’m here to say, YES mama, you 100% can! Today I want to break down everything you need to know about doing a Maternity Boudoir Session in Boston, Massachusetts, AND why they’re so impactful!

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As a mama, you’re a superhero

One HUGE thing Boudoir Sessions help all my clients do is celebrate their bodies exactly as they are. This also includes celebrating their bodies when they change! And to say pregnancy includes body changes is the understatement of the century! 😆

As your body changes, I’m willing to bet your identity as a person will change too, both during and after your pregnancy. That’s a big deal, and I say, let’s bring on ANYTHING that will support you as you go through all those transitions! 

Boudoir Sessions are actually an incredible resource for this. They help you to really stop and reflect on how far you’ve come, and how much you have to celebrate.

I always say that mamas are superheroes—You’re working overtime to grow a person, and THAT is worth giving yourself some extra love for. Not to mention the incredible images you’ll walk away from your Session with, which will remind you of how capable and valuable you are when times feel tough.

Even though you’re growing a baby, you’re still your own person

The fact is, even though you’re becoming a new mother (or becoming a mother again), you’re still an individual.

That means that you get to do your Session YOUR way. When we design a Session together that really feels like you, then you’ll be able to tap into the confident goddess you really are! And when we capture that in your photos, you’ll be able to return back to that feeling again and again in the future.

Maternity Boudoir Sessions can be totally your own style, be it sexy, tomboyish, technicolor, romantic, gothic, flirty, retro, edgy, or anything else under the sun! You don’t have to get naked if you don’t want to (although that’s absolutely allowed in my body-positive studio). No matter what you wear, ALL my clients are invited to get sexy in whatever flavor that is for you!

Let’s not forget that you’re still a sensual person just like you were before your pregnancy!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

…So let’s make the most of it! Even if this isn’t your first pregnancy, you’ll never have another one like this one.

Your body is ART. This is how I see you, even if you don’t always feel this way. A huge part of the purpose of Boudoir Sessions is to help you see yourself this way (and you can see from my client testimonials that it works)! And this is SO important during this time when your body is changing so much, and it can feel hard to experience that transition. 

Let’s capture your body doing amazing things in your Maternity Boudoir Session in Boston, Massachusetts!

Bonus tips to make the most of your Maternity Boudoir Session in Boston Massachusetts

👉 Pregnancy Announcements

For those who don’t know, before I specialized in Boudoir & Empowerment photography, I photographed all kinds of other things, including family and maternity sessions. Those skills totally translate here! 😉

This means you can totally take advantage of your Boudoir Session for your pregnancy announcement! Bring your favorite outfit that makes you feel confident, and we can take some photos you can share with your friends and family, or add to your family’s gallery wall!

👉 When to Schedule

My expecting mama clients always ask when they should do their Maternity Boudoir Session—I always say not too close to your due date (baby could come early, or you may not feel at your best), but also not too early (we want to show off your belly)! 

👉 What to Wear

When it comes to outfits, sizes, and styles: Like any other Boudoir Session, what’s MOST important is that it’s an outfit that really feels like you, and feels comfortable!

Anything goes: Some clients do jeans and a tube top, and some do big flowy dresses (I have a gorgeous red one you can wear in my Client Wardrobe now!)

👉 Can my Partner Come?

Sometimes clients ask me if their partner can be part of the Session or Viewing Appointment. Through many years of experience, I’ve found that hands-down, the BEST experience for my clients are when their Session experience is just for them. 

This time is about prioritizing and celebrating you without having to worry about, “What does my partner think about this?” or even feeling like you need to “perform” in some way. This is about your self-care! 

And don’t worry—If you’re wanting to bring your partner because you feel a little nervous, ALL of my clients have said that their nerves melted away within minutes of arriving at the Studio. We have a fun time here! 😀 For those reasons, I ask that your partner experiences your Boudoir photos outside of the Studio, after your Boudoir experience is complete.

👉 Do I Have To Get Naked?

Definitely not! Every Session I do is tailored to the comfort level of each client. There’s no wrong way to style your Session, whether it includes clothing or not! 

👉 Can I do this?

YES. Boudoir experiences are for YOU TOO. 

So many of my clients, of all shapes and sizes, have said they walked away from their Session feeling ridiculously confident and empowered, and that those feelings LASTED. So I want you to experience this too, when you’re ready! You deserve it!

Are you ready to celebrate this special time in your life, expecting mama?

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