3 Reasons Boudoir Can Support You Through Life Transitions

If you’re a human on planet earth, then it isn’t news that each of us is CONSTANTLY changing. We all go through so many different seasons of life, and sometimes change can be hard, even if it’s a good change! So let’s talk about Boudoir photography for life transitions, and how Boudoir can be a huge support to you!

1 – Boudoir Photography Shows Us We’re Beautiful No Matter What We Look Like

Of course, body changes can come along with life changes and transitions. Fluctuations in relationship status, career changes, where we call home, and so much more can show up in our bodies. Our skin, hair, and weight can shift as we experience huge wins and challenges in life.

Sometimes these body changes can be unexpected and not what we would have wanted. We can have this idea in our minds that it’s important to be as “perfect” as possible, and to never gain weight, have wrinkles, or have graying hair.

This is exactly what we’re fighting against in every Boudoir Session at my studio! My belief is that we’re valuable and worthy of celebration in EVERY state, regardless of how our bodies change. You do NOT have to be the same and “perfect” all the time! 

When you experience a Boudoir session and are really seen for who you are, AND you receive jaw-dropping photos proving that you can look like a goddess no matter what your body is up to…that is a total game changer for your mindset!


In big life transitions (small ones too), we can sometimes lose ourselves. When life feels overwhelming or we have a lot of changes to navigate, we can start to get hard on ourselves and forget what’s most important—our wellbeing!

When I ask my clients why this is the time for them to do a Boudoir Session, a lot of them say, “I want to see myself differently, like how my loved ones see me.” And this is SUCH a good reason to do this for yourself!

We’re so often our own toughest critics. Even if we have a million amazing qualities, we’ll hyperfocus on that one perceived flaw. What if you could see yourself through your partner’s or best friend’s eyes? 

You 100% can. And sometimes it REALLY helps to literally see yourself through someone else’s eyes, in photographs. That’s why Boudoir photography for life transitions is like literal magic!


Life can really shake us up sometimes when we’re experiencing a big transition. We can not only lose ourselves in the chaos, but we can also lose sight of what good things we still have, that haven’t gone anywhere!

Life has a way of reminding us that no amount of time we have left is guaranteed. When it’s my time to go, I know for SURE that I won’t wish I had spent more time worrying about what my body looks like!

I’ll want to go knowing that I really LIVED this life, and cherished myself and everything I have to be thankful for. Maybe you can relate.

Boudoir can help us take a step back and realize all the ways where we have it really good. If you woke up this morning, if you have people who care about you, if you’re open to loving yourself just a little bit more…then it’s time to celebrate it, baby!

So here’s my question to you: Why not now?

If you’re navigating shifting relationships, career, family, home, and maybe even your body is changing along with it, why wait to support yourself with a mega confidence-boosting Boudoir session??

And before you ask—Yes, you CAN do this, exactly as you are and exactly how your body looks right now.

We only get this one life, and this time in your life right now is worthy of being documented, even if it feels like things aren’t perfect. This might just be the exact right time to capture your strength and resilience, my friend!

There’s a spot for you in my studio when you’re ready!

Shirley, MA