Discovering body neutrality: “I feel much more at peace with my body.”

Here’s what my client S had to say about her experience doing a Full Boudoir Session with me, and how it helped her come more into body neutrality:

“I was excited but nervous (mostly about the outfits!) 

I’ve always been more “cute” than “sexy” and my body type can be a bit challenging in terms of finding clothes that fit and are flattering (especially with lingerie!) but  with all her experience and confidence Jess made me feel so comfortable and more relaxed during the consult.”

“I had thought about doing a boudoir session for awhile but turning 40 made me finally decide to do it. My 30s were really tough; I got diagnosed with 6 different autoimmune diseases I had to figure out how to manage, survived cancer at 36 and have come to accept being childless not by choice.”

“None of that really helps LOVE my body but I’ve put a lot of work into taking care of it in ways that nourish it and help me thrive as much as possible.”

“I took up running and was spending my 40th birthday running my 5th and 6th marathons in a two week span and realized, hey, I’m really proud of what this imperfect body has accomplished! I should celebrate it, scars and all.”

“The session was AMAZING. I grew up dancing so I’m pretty comfortable changing in front of others and wasn’t to worried about the partial nudity in front of a stranger part, but was worried about how I’d look (isnt everyone?!?)”

“Jess just made it so much FUN I completely forgot to worry about what I looked like and it was just like hanging out with a friend. Her excitement and passion for her work is so infectious I felt like I could have been there forever.”

“I couldn’t WAIT to see the pictures. Even while we were taking them I was thinking “oohh this one is going to look so good!” It was such an incredible confidence boost.”

“I honestly could hardly believe it was me. I think my first thought was “oh my gosh I look like a model!” My vanity was out in full force and modesty was out the window.”

“Beforehand I was a little worried I would only like a handful; maybe they wouldn’t look as good as I had felt? But narrowing it down was almost as hard as my wedding photos!”

“I noticed things about my body I never have before. Things that I think would have felt silly before my session. I was saying things like “look at my JAWLINE!” or “look at my collarbone!” and “My calves in this one!”

“I think it really taught me to appreciate things about myself that are beautiful but that society ignores (it’s not all T&A!) AND I didn’t even see or think about the scar I had worried about so much (and no photoshopping it out!)”

“At it’s core, it wasn’t so much a “sexy” photoshoot (though I do look sexy as hell in my photos) it really was just empowering.”

“So much body autonomy is taken away from women in our society that it was powerful to be able to make that choice to invest in myself and step a little outside my comfort zone with SUCH a big reward at the end.”

“I feel much more at peace with my body after the shoot, finding a better balance towards body neutrality.”

“There are some things I’ll never love (autoimmune disease) but there are other things I love and am proud of (I have a body that RUNS MARATHONS) so rather than body love which feels like an unhealthy striving for perfectionism, I’m focusing on neutrality and peace, which feels a bit easier now”

“I’ve already told ALL my best friends about the experience (and showed them the pics! haha) I’ve told them I think every woman should do a photoshoot like this and will love it.”

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Shirley, MA