Make Valentine’s Day A Self-Love Day

What if Valentine’s Day became Self-Love Day? (Maybe I’ll start a petition to change the name 😜)

V-Day, Galentine’s Day…whatever you like to call it, it’s a beautiful reminder to celebrate love for YOURSELF too! Let’s chat about how Boudoir photography can boost your self-love!


If you’ve read my blog before, then you know that I will preach self-love all day every day! That’s because it’s SO easy to forget in the midst of our busy modern lives.

If you have kids, a partner, a career, pets, a home to maintain, are a caretaker for others, or even just one or two of those things, I guarantee that self-care and self-love have probably fallen on the backburner sometimes.

(Raising my hand because I’ve been there too! 🙋‍♀️)

Valentine’s Day tends to be a time when we think about treating our closest loved ones and partners to something special. Don’t forget about the one that has been with you the longest—YOU and your magical body!

So why does it really matter if we prioritize self-love and self-care or not?

Well…think about how you show up to your job, how you interact with your partner or kids, or even how you treat the cashier at the grocery store when you’re running on empty.

If you haven’t filled your own cup, reminded yourself of your worth and how your loved ones see you, and if you haven’t been kind to yourself, that’s guaranteed to spill over to everyone around you too.

When we show up as our best selves and actively choose to love ourselves no matter what, then everyone around us gets the best version of us too. 

SO MANY of my clients have said that their Boudoir Photo Sessions have helped them with this—To see themselves the way their loved ones see them, to remind themselves of how incredible they are, exactly as they are. 

See for yourself!

What a powerful boost!! If you’ve been feeling the nudge to reconnect with yourself in a way that makes you feel amazing for even weeks or months afterwards, I truly hope you’ll consider a Boudoir Session for yourself.


If you’re new to Boudoir or just want to dip your toes back in after some time away from my Studio, check out my upcoming Mini Session dates below.

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You. Are. Worth. It!

Reach out below when you’re ready to chat about your own Boudoir experience, a.k.a. self-love fest!

Shirley, MA