Why A Boudoir Session Is The Best Self-Care for Brides

If you’re a soon-to-be bride, this blog post is for you—We’re talking all about self-care for brides!

While yes, Boudoir photos DO make an absolutely incredible, unique, and meaningful wedding gift (I made a whole post about that here)

Giving YOURSELF a Boudoir experience leading up to your wedding can be, dare I say, even MORE impactful.

If you’re planning your wedding right now, maybe you’ve experienced some or all of these:

👉🏼 Your family, wedding party, and friends asking you a million wedding questions a day

👉🏼 Suddenly realizing, “Oh sh*t, everyone I know is going to see me in this dress” and not feeling as confident as you’d like

👉🏼 The general stress of an unending to-do list (Not to mention taking care of your partner, home, work, kids, etc.)

👉🏼 Wanting to enjoy this special time in your life, maybe have some self-care, but feeling like you have too much to do

Whew. It is A LOT. And I get how hard it can feel to prioritize yourself, your relationship with your body, and feeling good in general when you’re swamped in busyness and taking care of others. 

This time leading up to your wedding is super special, but if you’re anything like other people I’ve known, you might also find yourself thinking, “I can’t wait for this to be over!”


If that’s you, then I recommend considering blocking off time on your calendar just for you—And a Boudoir Session is a great way to do that.

By the end you’ll be feeling beautiful, confident, and way more centered in your life. And you’ll have gorgeous photos to help you reconnect to those feelings in the future too! 

Recently I was so inspired by my client K. She is getting married soon and decided, “Well, I’m going to spend a lot of time and money on hair, nails, skin, wedding and honeymoon outfits…why not capture it?”

She booked her Boudoir Session a week before her wedding so she can really soak up all the magic, and document herself during this special and unique time in her life. Her Session will be the ultimate celebration of herself 💃

(Disclaimer: if you want to give your Boudoir photos as a gift, you’ll want to book your Session at least one month in advance!)

You can have this experience too—Documenting this time just for you as you enter this new phase of life. ❤️

Ultimately Boudoir (whether the photos end up being a gift for someone else or not) is a gift for YOU. 

You get to look back at your images at any time, and know in your body that you can do scary things well. That the things that once seemed scary can maybe even be something you look FORWARD to in the future!


And…what if all this could get even BETTER? What if you could share this incredible self-love, body love, transformational experience with the women you love most?

For the ultimate empowering self-care day, you can book a day of Boudoir Mini Sessions for you and two of your favorite women! These could be your mom and sister, your Maid of Honor and your cousin, or anyone else you want to share it with!

When you book a Mini Session day together, each person will receive their own completely private Mini Boudoir Session, with three Sessions back to back in the whole day. Each of you will get to have your own totally YOU-focused Boudoir experience!

At the end of the three Sessions, we can do some fun photos of all three of you in the gold tub together so you can commemorate this bonding experience!

By this point, all of you will have your hair and makeup done and will feel on top of the world, so it’s the perfect time to go out for dinner and drinks afterwards and swap empowerment stories ❤️

If you remember nothing else from this blog post: I want you to know that you deserve time for YOU. Yes, even if not everything on your wedding to-do list is done.

You deserve to feel relaxed and pampered and to have fun. Yes, even if you’re being asked a million wedding planning questions a day.

You deserve to love your body. Yes, even if you’re feeling the pressure of looking “perfect” on your wedding day.

If you’re feeling any of this, then a Boudoir Session is ESPECIALLY for you right now. 

I’m here to hold space for you when you’re ready!

Shirley, MA