Can I do a Boudoir session if my body isn’t perfect yet?

I hear this question all the time: “Can I do a Boudoir session if my body isn’t perfect yet?”

It’s not uncommon for humans of all walks of life to experience some sort of perfectionism. I should know, because I’m totally one of them! 

If that’s you, and you’d REALLY rather have a perfect body before booking a Boudoir Session for yourself, this blog is for you!

Here’s what I know for sure: There is no such thing as perfect. We are never fully complete or done.

If that sounds like a letdown, then I want to spin this for you! What it REALLY means is that you are Off. The. Hook. from being perfect. See ya later, Pressure!

You absolutely do NOT have to have perfect skin, perfect toned abs, perfect hair, or be the perfect age in order to celebrate YOU and your miracle of a body.

(Not to mention, my studio is an inclusive, no-judgment zone. Nobody here is trying to be an idealized Baywatch babe or Playboy bunny, unless that’s what feels absolutely most authentic to them!)

One thing I hear from potential clients sometimes is, “I hate how I look, how could I possibly do a Boudoir Session?”

Think about this: The ONLY way you have experienced seeing yourself through your own eyes is in a mirror. 

When you see yourself in a mirror, you have a limited viewpoint—You can literally only see yourself from a few different angles. And when we use mirrors, there is a huge temptation to laser-focus on the places we feel insecure about. 

When it comes to really SEEING yourself—all of you—there is so much more than just what you see in the mirror.

When you see yourself in your Boudoir photos, you’re literally seeing yourself through a different lens. 

All your best angles, in all the best light, in outfits that make you feel confident, in an environment that feels FUN and comfortable where you can express who you really are, not like a performance. 

My favorite part about this? When you realize you’re worthy from ALL angles, you naturally stop obsessing about being perfect. 

Something that’s beautiful about body image insecurities is that we ALL have them. Also—until we talk about them, or see other people embracing theirs in a powerful way like a Boudoir Session, we think we’re the only one.

Something that’s so easy to forget is that people who you think look “perfect” often have the same concerns about body image! You’re not alone for feeling the way you do, and you’re absolutely not wrong for it. 

My studio is a space where we embrace ALL of it because it’s part of your story—What makes you strong, relatable, magical, fascinating, and beautiful.

I’ve had so many clients tell me that they saw women who looked like them on my website, with their same body features they feel insecure about, and decided, “If she can do it, so can I!”

If you’ve been wanting to give yourself this gift too, I hope my clients can inspire you! Reach out to me below to chat about a Boudoir experience for yourself:

Shirley, MA