What if I don’t have a partner to give my boudoir photos to?

Hey single ladies! (Cue the Beyoncé 🎉) Have you been craving a Boudoir Session but find yourself wondering, “But what if I don’t have a partner to give my Boudoir photos to??” 

Fear not, friends! I hear this question ALL the time and today I’m sharing my take on it!

So, can you really do a Boudoir Session and have jaw-droppingly beautiful photos of yourself, just for YOU? Even if you don’t have a partner right now to share the photos with?

YES! This is a celebration of you, after all!

There’s this idea in our society (especially as women), that we can’t just do nice things for ourselves, or invest time or money on ourselves just because we want to. It has to be for someone else or it’s “frivolous,” or “selfish,” or just too much.

I’m here to bust that myth!

The thing is, even when my clients come in saying their photos ARE a gift for their partner…You know what they leave saying 99% of the time?

“It was such a great gift to give myself.” (Literally, my client M said this, among many others! Check out the Testimonials page for more.)

Even if your Boudoir Session WAS a gift for your partner, the most transformational parts of the experience—showing up vulnerably, allowing yourself to be celebrated, facing and overcoming your fears, seeing your body in an entirely new way—are all YOU.

You are the one showing up to the Studio and experiencing the transformation. Whether anyone else sees your photos or not is an entirely optional bonus. 

But the most important and meaningful parts of the experience are things only YOU can experience, my friend.

Boudoir Sessions can be so empowering simply BECAUSE you choose it for yourself. Really, the whole experience is a gift for you FIRST, whether anyone else sees the photos or not.

We’re usually taught that doing “selfish” things is wrong—But I would argue, if an experience like this is bettering your life and your view of yourself, it’s so worth it.

 The more you nourish you, the more everyone around you benefits. 

I want you to know most of all that you’re worthy of celebration and self-care in ALL your forms. No matter what you look like, what your relationship status is, or if you’ve “made it” in life yet.

We’re wired to want to stay safe in our little comfort zone bubble, so if you’re still warming up to the idea of saying YES to yourself, I’m over here cheering you on! Taking baby steps to stretch your comfort zone, when you’re ready, is so worth it.

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Shirley, MA