Do I have to lose weight to do a Boudoir session?

I hear this question so often from people who are interested in Boudoir—”Do I have to lose weight to do a Boudoir Session?”

This is one of the most common concerns that actually stops people in their tracks from pursuing this transformational experience!

You Do NOT Have To Lose Weight For A Boudoir Session!

Here’s what I want you to know—It doesn’t have to stop you at all! Because this is a total myth. The truth is, you absolutely do NOT have to lose weight before getting in front of the camera!

So many of us believe that in order to do something like a Boudoir Session, where your body is front and center, you have to look a certain way and fit society’s expectations of what’s acceptable or presentable. 

The fact is, you don’t have to change your body at all. (Hear me out!)

Because you’re more than just your body, and you’re already worthy of being seen exactly as you are.

Breaking Free From Societal Pressures

The only reason we get worried about our weight is because of societal pressures that start when we’re children. How crazy is that? 

Many of us go through life believing in society’s expectations of us for decades—And sometimes it takes a transformational and vulnerable experience, like being seen and celebrated for exactly who you are right now, to break the patterns.

This means that the very thing that could help you be free from this pressure to lose weight the MOST, is the thing the pressure can keep you from doing. 

And all it takes to break free from the pressures of society is to make the (sometimes scary) choice to not listen to that voice anymore and go after what you want anyway.

All that said, the Boudoir experiences I offer my clients are so much more than just playing dress up and looking sexy (although that can be part of it too). It’s about giving you the safe space to say YES to all of yourself, regardless of your weight!

Body Inclusivity Online

Here’s the other secret. When you search Google or Pinterest or Instagram for Boudoir inspiration photos, I can guarantee you won’t be seeing the full spectrum of bodies or the most inclusive pictures of people. 

This can further the illusion that you have to change what you look like to fit the mold of what’s acceptable. 

That’s why I try to share as much of my work as possible—All sizes of bodies, all colors, all ages (18+), all styles, and all expressions! Representation matters!

I’ve had clients tell me that they saw the variety of bodies on my website and decided, “If she can do it, then so can I!” And to that I say, YES absolutely! More of this please! You deserve this empowering experience too!

In my studio at Boudoir by J&S Photography, we celebrate what makes you YOU. Not your body size. Because you are so much more than your body size. 

Whenever you’re ready to dive into a Boudoir experience of your own, I’m here for you! Contact me below:

Shirley, MA