“I can refer back to the photos captured and remind myself who I am and what I’m capable of”

What N’s Spooky Season Mini Boudoir Photography Session Was Like

“My experience with Jessie during the consultation kicked my creative mind into gear and got me energized and excited for our shoot. She spared no details and answered all my questions, she went above and beyond for me as well.”

“I had some shipping issues for an outfit I planned to bring and she stepped in and made some magic happen. Always reachable, always positive and great energy!”

Capturing My Inner Warrior

“I had never had the confidence before to be in front of a professional photographer and took a leap. We did the spooky session boudoir shoot, the vision Jessie had for it aligned with my desire to capture who we are behind closed doors and our inner warrior.”

“Jessie brings all the positive energy to the studio! It was comfortable, exciting, creative and super fun!”

“I walked into the studio in plain clothes and left as a badass Viking warrior, needless to say I felt pretty damn awesome!”

“I felt a little shy for maybe 3 seconds walking in, but that all went away after we got started on our creative ideas for the shoot.”

“Myself, Jessie, and Angela (hair and makeup) really came together seamlessly and slayed the shoot. I can’t say enough good things about these women.”

“[In my Viewing Appointment,] I was jumping out of my skin from excitement because the images were completely badass! So good.”

“Who I see in the mirror and what Jessie captured and showed me is an experience all on its own, tough to put into words. Empowering comes to mind.”

“Not to toot my own horn or anything but I love the camera. However, I’ve never felt confident enough to look good or present myself in front of a pro photographer.”

What Boudoir Means To Me

“Because we did a spooky boudoir shoot and my character was a badass Viking warrior, there were no holds barred. I guess how I feel inside got to be expressed on the outside, and captured forever.”

“Having lots of ups and downs on this little ride of life, I can refer back to the photos captured and remind myself who I am and what I’m capable of. Some people think it’s just dress up or pictures, it’s far more meaningful than that 🖤”

“[If you’re thinking about a Boudoir Session, I would say:] Take the leap, nothing grows in the realm of comfort.

“Hands down absolutely, [I would love to do another Session in the future!]”

If you’re loving N’s Session, I’d love to have you for a Mini or Full Boudoir Session! Reach out to me below to book your spot!

Shirley, MA