Give yourself the gift of self-love

What comes to mind when you think of the December holiday season?

Maybe it’s family visits, travel plans, last minute gift shopping…

In between the stress of potential family drama, flight delays and highway traffic, and trying to figure out what to get for everyone on your gift list…

What about you?

You are the only one who will be with you for literally your entire life. We go to great lengths to show our partners, kids, friends, and family what they mean to us and how much we love them. 

Do you do the same for you?

Have you considered treating YOURSELF to the gift of personal empowerment, self-love, and quality time just for you?

I ask this question today because December is the time to reflect on your year!

What happened for you this year that feels important? 

What made you feel alive? 

What made you stronger?

What do you want to celebrate about yourself? 

How far have you come, in ways that maybe you haven’t acknowledged yet?

In what ways are you the BEST version of you so far?

Let’s celebrate it together in your next Boudoir Session!!

(I know you might be going “December? It’s not even Halloween yet!” I know! Even though it might seem crazy early, October and early November are the BEST time to book your holiday Boudoir Session to ensure that the entire experience isn’t rushed for you. ❤️)


Are you ready to choose to see yourself differently?

Are you ready and willing to love yourself on a deeper level?

Are you ready to give yourself the quality time, space, and presence you’ve been craving?

Are you ready to say “to hell with it” to all of the societal messages about how “perfect” you’re supposed to look?

Are you ready to claim ALL of you and see your worthiness?

Then my friend…Boudoir might just be the next upleveling for you. And why not gift yourself this experience for the holidays when you’re going above and beyond for everyone else in your life too? Why not you?

One of the best parts of this gift is saying “yes” to investing in yourself. Not just the things we often think of like time and money—But also the experience of saying, “Yes, I do want this, and yes, I do deserve to have it.” 

You don’t need to earn this. You are enough just as you are. All that’s required is your yes, when you feel ready!

I’m so excited to support you with an empowering holiday gift for yourself. Reach out below!

Shirley, MA