Give your partner a jaw-dropping holiday gift this year!

It’s that crazy time of year again—The holidays are coming!

If you have a partner and have been together for years (and/or they’re one of those people who has everything), it can be a challenge to come up with gift ideas.

What I always LOVE preaching is that Boudoir photos are some of the absolute most meaningful, personal, heartfelt, and vulnerably intimate gifts you can give to your partner! 

You can never buy anything like this in a store or order it from Amazon. It’s often a VERY pleasant surprise for your partner that literally makes their jaw drop. It’s an incredibly deep way to show your partner what you mean to them and how you want to connect with them!

Not to mention, Boudoir photos as holiday gifts don’t have to feel super “holiday” because they’re a gift you and your partner will enjoy year-round! 

So if you celebrate Christmas, you don’t have to wear red in your photos (unless you think it’s fun, in which case live it up!) Same goes for all the other holidays, whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yuletide, or Festivus 😉

So why am I talking about all this now? Because October is THE best time to book your Boudoir Session if you’re planning it as a holiday gift!

When you do a Boudoir Session with me at Boudoir by J&S Photography, we go through a few steps to create the full transformational experience:

Consultation: Where you get to meet me, see the Studio, make sure all your questions are answered, and get even more excited for your Session!

Session: The part where you get pampered with hair and makeup styling, celebrate yourself, and experience a mega confidence boost as you learn to love ALL parts of you! Oh yeah, and I happen to be there with a camera 😛

Viewing Appointment: Sometimes it’s hard to choose whether the most exciting part of this whole experience is the Session itself, or getting to see your images! At your Viewing Appointment you’ll get to see yourself as pure art, the way your partner and all your loved ones see you. Then you’ll get to order all the Products you desire. Usually one of the biggest challenges is narrowing down what images to take home because most of my clients are in love with them all!

Since these Boudoir Sessions are so personalized and intentional, I never want to breeze you right through it. I make sure you have all the time you need to take everything in and soak up the experience

Not to mention, this full experience means scheduling 3 separate appointments! Rushing that is no fun, especially when you’re wanting to create a really meaningful gift for your person ❤️

So are you thinking about the most beautiful and personal holiday gift ever for your person? I invite you to book your Session now (October) to ensure your Products arrive on time and your experience is stress-free!

I’m so excited to meet you and support your personal empowerment when you’re ready!

Contact me below to book your Session:

Shirley, MA