This Fall Only: Spooky Mini Sessions!

Are you like me, and love Spooky Season all year ‘round?? Then keep reading for a WHOLE new outlook on the power of Boudoir Sessions, and a special experience I’m offering this Fall only!

So here’s the thing with Boudoir Sessions. They help us to celebrate ourselves in a way we don’t normally have the space to, and they help us see ourselves in a completely new, powerful, confident way. This probably isn’t news to either of us 😉

In honor of Spooky Season, and my love of all things transformational empowerment, I’m putting another badass spin on what Boudoir can look like for you: Shadow work. 

If you’re new to the world of personal development, shadow work is often defined as making the unconscious within us conscious. What that means in layman’s terms: owning, celebrating, and playing with the parts of us we might normally hide, even from ourselves—Even the ones we think are weird or even shameful (or are afraid others think are weird or shameful).

And what better way to celebrate your dark side than in an uplifting and affirming Boudoir Session, where you can be ALL of you with no judgment? (We ALL have a dark side after all!)

So now that I’ve enticed you… 😈

I’m SO excited to reveal my new Boudoir experience for this fall: Spooky Season Mini Sessions!

In these Sessions, you’ll get the chance to transform into your creepy alter ego! 

Choose your favorite from 5 Special Effects makeup looks (and ask about customizing to fit your style):

🖤 Nordic Demon with Mad Max vibes

🖤 Glam Skull

🖤 Disturbed Harlequin

🖤 Scaly Queen

🖤 Vampire

I have a whole collection of props you can choose from to customize your look, including a Baseball Bat, Replica Sword & Sheath, Fake Blood, Pearls, and Gold Chain Body Jewelry.

Go nuts and incorporate your own favorite spooky items, like colored contacts, and fangs!

You can find more of my favorite spooky prop and outfit recommendations in my Amazon list here!

Looking for colored contacts? I highly recommend this kind!

Sessions last 1 hour with 1 outfit after 2 hours of SFX hair and makeup from a professional makeup artist. 

These Sessions will be held at my Studio in Shirley, MA, and OH MAN have I been going all out on the sets for this!

I’ve built a completely new Haunted Barn set, and have pulled out all the stops to spookify the other Studio sets you know and love. Think blood-red satin sheets, cobwebs, blood, moody lighting, and you KNOW my fog machine will be making a debut in every Session! 

What’s included: 3 digital images + Retro Viewfinder (plus the priceless transformative experience of the Session itself)!

Sessions start at $699 with very limited spots available—This Fall only, through Oct + Nov. Payments are submitted upfront to reserve your date. 

As always, you’ll get to meet me and see the Studio (now totally transformed!) in a complimentary Consultation beforehand. I’ll answer all of your questions, and make sure you feel ready and excited to move forward on this leg of your self-love journey.

These Spooky Mini Sessions have never been done before at Boudoir by J&S and who knows if I’ll do it again! 

So can these Sessions be a space for you to go deep and play with your shadow side? Totally!! Can these Sessions also be a space to just play spooky dress up, and embody your dark sexiness? Also yes!!

This is empowerment for my fellow spooky people. I invite you to show up giving no fucks, and see what magic reveals itself in you through your Session!

I’m ready for you! Reach out to book your Session here: 

Shirley, MA