“It is the most inspiring, sexy and amazing thing a woman can do for herself.”

At D’s consultation, my first question was “Why Boudoir? Why now?” and she looked me right in the eye and said “Why not!!!” and it was that moment where I knew she was something special and we were going to have a blast together!

While she still felt like this was out of her comfort zone, she was so open to the experience and excited to meet herself on the other side. We also found a fun way to incorporate her fitness journey into our session as well! #BestDayEver and I hope we get to work together again for round 2 soon!

See what D had to say about her Session in her own words:

“The inquiry was great, Jess was awesome, explained everything in detail and was extremely helpful if I had questions.”

“I chose to do a Boudoir session because why not? I’ve always wanted to do one just to do one. In the ads the women always look so gorgeous and sexy and I wanted a chance to be gorgeous and sexy.”

“Pre consultation I was a little nervous and excited. Post consultation I was over joyed and so happy I did it. I did a full session and had a great time with Jess. Currently looking for outfits for my next session, lol.”

“The shoot was absolutely amazing. I was nervous at the beginning of the shoot. Not because of Jess, our first meeting and continued communication made me feel very comfortable with her. I always had an issue with my body and honestly afraid to show it.”

“One reason why I did the shoot was to be more comfortable with myself, to love myself more and to say here I am, this is me!!

When I left the studio I felt energized and beautiful and sexy and saw myself in a different light.”

“Viewing my photos for the first time I felt like crying. I couldn’t believe I was looking at myself. The photos were absolutely gorgeous.”

“I never thought I could look this amazing at anything, lol. I always thought I was a plain Jane, ugly duckling but the shoot and photos made me look deeper at myself inside and out.

The session and pictures makes you see the whole picture of YOU.”

“I’d say to anyone considering doing a session to just do it. I think all women should do one during their life.”

“It is the most inspiring, sexy and amazing thing a woman can do for herself. I did it for me, not friends, not a man, me. And you should do it for yourself as well.”

“It shows you how sexy and beautiful you truly are. Bring your sexy self to the frontline. Yes I will do another shoot thinking in October again.”

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