Why Boudoir Photos Make The Best Wedding Gift

There aren’t many gifts out there that benefit both the receiver AND the giver! 

If you’re about to get married, you might have noticed that the typical gifts people give to their soon-to-be spouse can feel impersonal. Something you can buy in a store can feel like it’s not necessarily super special to your relationship.

I also know how hard it is to find gifts for a partner, especially when you’ve been together a long time! They already have everything they need, and in a long-term relationship you often end up buying your own stuff when you want something.

So what’s one of the most unique, personal, intimate, surprising, and beautiful gifts you could give your partner, AND yourself?

Boudoir photos of course! 

Boudoir is one of the BEST gifts you can give yourself—You’re choosing to do something different and maybe a little scary, and coming out super empowered on the other side!

YOU are the one coming into the Studio and having the transformational experience, doing the work to show up for yourself, and reconnecting with yourself in a new way. That gift for yourself is priceless.

Being able to share your photos with your partner is a huge added bonus! It can be a very beautiful, fun, and meaningful experience for both of you, where you get to deeply see each other in a new way. What’s a better wedding gift than that when you’re about to say “I dos” to each other?

When it comes to what bridal-inspired Boudoir Sessions can look like, there are so many options!

We can go as deep into bridal style as you want—You can incorporate your wedding accessories like your veil, garter, getting-ready robe, shoes, jewelry, or even your actual wedding dress!

The Client Wardrobe at Boudoir by J&S Photography also includes several different sizes and types of veils if you want to incorporate a bridal theme without using your own veil.

Bridal Boudoir also doesn’t have to mean all white outfits the whole time. It could just mean showing off your engagement ring as a nod to your upcoming wedding. Or, it could mean a mix of white and other colors of outfits, or incorporating your wedding colors. 

The bridal theme can be a spectrum! Just because you’re booking your Boudoir Session as a wedding gift doesn’t mean your photos have to look overwhelmingly bridal. It’s whatever feels fun and meaningful to you!

To kick it up a notch, include something of your partner’s as a cheeky surprise for them to discover later in the photos!

In the past, I’ve seen clients of mine sneak in their partner’s favorite band t-shirt, instruments, golf clubs, football, skis, soccer jerseys, and much more! Is there something you two like to do together? Incorporate that theme as an extra special element to your Boudoir gift! You could even have your fiancé’s face printed on some cute undies like this amazing client of mine!

When you’re ready to book your Bridal Boudoir Session, here’s what you need to know to make it official:

I recommend booking your Boudoir Session no later than a month before your wedding date so your photos will be ready in time. 

The sooner the better when it comes to booking, so you don’t have yet another thing to add to your last minute wedding to-dos!

Payment plans are also available at Boudoir by J&S Photography so that you can plan ahead financially too. Products are delivered after the final payment is paid, so it’s important to schedule with plenty of time to allow for a payment plan if we want to go that route!

Ok! Now that you have the #BestGiftEver for your future spouse, how do you give it to them??

If you give them your Boudoir photos the day of your wedding, it’s possible that other people might see them. 

Having had lots of clients who were future brides, here are my suggestions if you want to keep your gift to yourselves:

1 – Give your Boudoir album, prints, viewfinder, etc. the night before the wedding, when no one else is around and you can have privacy!

2 – Save your gift for the honeymoon, again, when you can have privacy! You may want to give them a smaller gift for the day of the wedding, or just tell them they’ll have to wait for their surprise 😜

I’d love to help you create a super special gift for your soon-to-be spouse!

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