“By the end I can truly say I was sad to go!”

As soon as A’s hound dog, Axel, and cat, Mango (best name ever) made appearances on our Zoom Consultation, I knew we were going to get along great! We even shared pet photos on messenger after we chatted. ❤️ And then I found out she also has a horse and it made me wish I had an even bigger studio to incorporate her horse into the portraits!!

A absolutely rocked her Session and we had such a blast together. We talked and laughed about as much, if not more, than we took photos! I hope we can find a way to do a creative Session with her & her horse, Mason, someday! ❤️

Here’s what A had to say about her Session experience:

“I was scrolling through facebook one day and saw an ad for J+S. I had previously been thinking about doing something like this. The viewfinder was a super cute idea that sparked the idea of giving it to my boyfriend as a birthday gift. I was hesitant but decided to at least reach out to see what it was all about!”

Jessie reached out to me, and answered all my questions and I just felt like now was the time to bite the bullet and just go for it. I had NO idea what to expect. When I finally had my consultation I was nervous, this is a very intimate thing to be sharing with a complete stranger, but within 5 minutes of talking with Jessie about what was going to happen/ the process I already felt at ease. By the end of the consult I had SO many ideas, thoughts and I truly just couldn’t wait for the shoot day to come!

Obviously, the nerves came back as I was driving to the shoot. All the normal self doubt thoughts were coming through, what if I’m not as comfortable as I think I will be, what if I look silly, will I like my hair and makeup, what if I don’t like the outfits I brought with me now that I’m finally here.

When I walked in I was immediately met with reassuring vibes. My hair and makeup came out amazing, so natural, highlighting the parts of myself I wanted to celebrate without going over the top. After hair and makeup, I was ready to go, slightly unsure of how things would go but at this point I knew Jessie wouldn’t lead me wrong so I just trusted in her!

“She showed me all the poses she was thinking about (SO HELPFUL), all while joking and talking about normal real life things. 5 minutes into the actual photo taking I felt like I had been doing this with Jessie forever and this was just normal to be laying around half naked on a bed!”

“By the end I can truly say I was sad to go! I was SO SO SO pleased with all the photos and different things we had done but I could have stayed and hung out with Jessie for hours!!”

The viewing appointment was incredible. Seeing the images for the first time was like “Holy Crap!!! That’s me!!” The images were everything I could have ever wanted and more. They are so classy and elegant while also being incredibly intimate and sexy.

I never thought I would be confident enough to want to print the photos out and hang them in my home and now I have MULTIPLE photos where I can say this is true!! Also, Jessie was incredible and got the images back to me super fast due to weather pushing my shoot close to my deadline (boyfriend’s birthday). I cannot wait for my boyfriend to see the final product!”

The biggest thing I can say to people who are considering doing this is DO IT. I could not be happier with the experience Jessie gave to me, and the amazing photos and memories I will have for the rest of my life now.

“Even if you don’t have the best self esteem, I promise you it is Jessie’s goal to show each and every one of us how beautiful we really are. I am not a confident person normally, and when I look at these all I can think about is how beautiful my body is just the way it is!”

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