Why I’m a photographer: It’s not why you think

Sometimes people ask me why I’m a photographer, and specifically a Boudoir photographer. 

If you’ve ever met a professional photographer, you might think I got into it because of the technical stuff, like getting to play with the latest gear, or tinkering around with lighting or editing techniques. Or you might think it’s because I really wanted to run a business!

Many photographers have a field day with all of that. I love that for them! But truthfully, it’s not me 😜

The truth is, I’m not like other professional photographers. I started doing this work that I love so much because of three things: feeling, connection, and documenting.

Starting around when I was in 4th grade, I constantly kept diaries where I documented as much of my life as possible. I wanted to capture every day and every experience. 

When I became a high schooler and college student, I did this same “life cataloging” in my planners.

All those years, I didn’t want to just write what I was thinking about. I wanted to document my whole life for Future Jessie. I wanted to remember.

My Grandmother had Alzheimer’s, and it was hard to see her forgetting why she walked into a room, making up memories that didn’t happen, and not remembering people she knew.

At some point I realized that we’re not going to remember everything. Maybe you can relate?

Ultimately, my career as a Boudoir photographer became a thing because we’re all humans discovering ourselves and expanding into more of who we are. I LOVE supporting my clients with that while experiencing it myself too.

Boudoir experiences are 100% more than just photography, BUT the photos that you walk away with give you proof—

Proof that you rocked it even with all the worries your brain was full of. Proof that you DID feel amazing and you CAN feel that way again. Proof that you’re worthy and powerful AND sexy—Proof that really matters on the days when you forget that you’re all of these magical qualities.

Ultimately what I offer you through your Boudoir photos is the ability to hold onto these memories of these important moments of becoming who you are.

Is it important to have photos of your babies, your kids, and your family members? Yes! Totally.

I would also say that it’s JUST as important to capture moments of feelings that are just for YOU that you can come back to anytime you need it most. 

Imagine for a moment how Future You will feel having your Boudoir photos to look back at when you need proof that you can be vulnerable, and strong, and authentically you. Even on the days when it feels really hard, or even impossible. 

Having shot so many different types of photography in the past, one thing I’ve learned is that when it comes to photos, there’s one big difference between adults and kids.

Kids tend to do best in front of the camera for the first 30 minutes or so. We can get lots of laughs and smiles out of them! By the end of the photo Session time though, they are fading fast and getting fussy.

Adults are the opposite. They come into any photography experience with their body image challenges, preconceived notions, memories of not-great photography experiences in the past, and even their past traumas. 

Everyone who does a Session with me needs time to feel comfortable, build trust with me, and feel taken care of. This is so normal! It’s never ever my goal to rush the process.

One of my FAVORITE parts of the whole experience I offer is this connection piece. Not just showing up and taking the photos, but creating the whole atmosphere that feels comfortable. Helping you get to know me. Taking our time and feeling good the whole way through, not forcing anything that doesn’t feel like you. Consent every step of the way. 

So here’s me—Why I REALLY do this work, and why I want to reach as many people as possible with my Boudoir Sessions at Boudoir by J&S Photography.

I’m here to help you feel like your most empowered, beautiful, confident, and sexy self. I’m here to document those moments in that energy so you can carry those feelings with you, so you can access them anytime in the future. Deep connection is what makes it all possible. 

Photography just happens to be my way of delivering this experience to you. ❤️

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Shirley, MA